And if everything we are experiencing has already been lived?

Apr 2023 – Our daughter decided while attending 4th grade to switch from her International School to a Humanistic Gymnasium, a secondary school in which the classical languages Latin and ancient Greek are taught as the basis of European culture and as part of a comprehensive education. So surprising her decision was for us (and I guess for basically anyone outside Germany), so content is she four years on the road, flourishing in a school stablished in 1529!!!

How to reinvent yourself

Mar 2023 – During the last weeks, I have had several interesting conversations with good friends, some of them in the mid-forties, others closer to the late fifties; some of them stay-at-home moms facing the empty-nest syndrome, others successful managers dangerously close to a burn-out as well as a couple of wealthy business-owners and entrepreneurs; and sooner or later we always landed in a recurrent topic: how do we want live our lives during the next years. The fact that, mostly on the light of the covid-pandemic, many of us want to desperately shape their future and live even more intensely the years ahead collides somehow with our doubts about the feasibility to “reinvent themselves” at this point of live. Here are some, hopefully useful, tips to succeed in that endeavor.

Radical Candor

Nov 2021 – Kim Scott's perennial bestseller “Radical Candor” has created a cultural revolution and took workplaces worldwide by storm. Behind Radical Candor there is a simple idea: to be a good boss, you have to Care Personally at the same time that you Challenge Directly. When you challenge without caring it's obnoxious aggression, when you care without challenging it's ruinous empathy. When you do neither it's manipulative insincerity.

For resistance and persistence

Sep 2020 – I read some weeks ago a heartbreaking interview to Myriam P. Sarachik, 87, now retired after a career spanning more than half a century as a professor of physics at the City College of New York. As the caption of the article published on the New York Times on September 2nd put it she “battled sexism and a tragedy to make major contributions”.

The end of the analog world

Sep 2020 – This blog entry is based on an article from Josef Ajram published in EL MUNDO on September 7th, 2020. I have rarely read an article which explains so much and so clearly about stock market dynamics, Covid impact, expectations and digitalization. Here it comes in a relatively free-style translation from the Spanish into English.

(My) Highlights of 2019

Jan 2020 – In a year marked (again) by Mr. Donald Trump –impeachment included-, the escalation of the trade war between China and USA (or its de-escalation depending who you want to believe to); global warming, the Brexit – postponed twice and now set for January 31st 2020, and two general elections in Spain (only to confirm the dangerous split in the society- not to mention the ongoing Catalan crisis), I have dared to outline, like in the past my personal annual highlights. As always it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:


Aug 2019 – If there is a word that VC investors love is “EXIT”, especially when the terms are such that we can proudly informed to the rest of the world that “we did it well”.


Jan 2019 – Obstando Promoves is the Latin motto of the main character of Andres Pascual’s book “A merced de un Dios Salvaje”, a thriller -for the time being only available in Spanish- of mysterious personalities connected with a shocking past in which the balance between ancestral customs, traditions and modernity does not always work. Above that (and that’s the part I personally liked and enjoyed more), the book contains a powerful declaration of love to LA RIOJA, the wine area I was born and spent my childhood in.

(My) Highlights of 2018

Jan 2019 – In a year marked (again) by Mr. Donald Trump, the escalation of the trade war between China and USA, the Brexit, an increasing number of populist governments (from Italy to Brazil), I have dared to outline, like in the last years, my personal annual highlights. As always it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:

Caution (or not) on Investments

Sep 2018 – True or False? Please to be completed on your own or with your finance advisors, business partners or just friends.

So 20th Century

Jun 2018 – It used to be that to survive, businesses had to sell goods or services above cost, and the more the merrier, so simple. But what was obvious when I studied my MBA at Columbia University, sounds now so 20th century!!!


Jan 2018 – The impact of recent technology development on humans is such, that according to countless experts, we are in a new phase of evolution, moving from “homo sapiens” to “homo connectus”, and at incredible speed.

(My) Highlights of 2017

Jan 2018 – Through a mix of retrospective analysis, scanning my digital calendar at monthly level and good memories in a very convulsive year, marked geopolitically, just to name a few: by Donald Trump, the Brexit, rise in populism and –a Spanish citizen- the Catalonia crisis-, please find below my personal annual highlights. As always it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:


Jul 2017 – I know many remarkable entrepreneurs who seem to have a “bad conscience” about his own success. This utterly irrational sentiment tends to occur prominently among those who have prospered most through sacrifice, hard work, and insight. They feel indebted to society, "which has given them so much", and this is the reason some of them argue to undertake philanthropic works with large donations for various causes; "So I return part of what I have received", they say publicly.


May 2017 – I just read Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, essay “Building strong kids, even after a loss”, published in the New York Times International Edition on April 25, and I am not only deeply impressed, but heartened. The essay is an adaptation from her last book: ”Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, a Finding Joy”, which she has written together with Adam Grant – Wharton’s top-rated professor.

Life on Mars

Mar 2017 – Is there life on Mars? This is an idea that has intrigued people for centuries although to date no proof has been found of past or present life on Mars. In a total different context, a more profane, yet probably more discerning question arose to me recently: is there life without Internet?


Feb 2017 – As you probably know, Entrepreneurship is at the very core of my current professional life. On one hand, as an investor, I constantly get to meet young men (yes, according to a KMPG study called “Deutsche Startup Monitor” the average age of founders at their first incorporation is 27 years and from my perspective, that qualifies as young-), and secondly yes, according to the same study, over 86% of the entrepreneurs in Germany are men, who define themselves as entrepreneurs. On the other hand, by establishing Audeamus Capital nearly two years ago (it is incredible how time flies), I became myself an entrepreneur.

(My) Highlights 2016

Jan 2017 – As Thomas L. Friedman wrote in his insightful article “Since 2007, dancing in a hurricane” (The New York Times, Nov 19, 2016), Britain’s vote to withdraw from the European Union followed by Donald Trump’s election in America constitute a single giant political event – one that makes 2016 a vintage year in history that will long be studied.

ADD ART 2016

Nov 2016 – Between November 18-20, and for the fourth year in a row, 18 companies in Hamburg will open their doors to the public to show part of their private collections or selective artworks from young artists within the ADD ART initiative (

Shall over sharing kill fashion?

Oct 2016 – The idea is not new. Vanessa Friedman published a couple of days ago a great article in the New York Times titled “Fashion becomes a victim of its own over sharing”.

About the human and the divine

Aug 2016 – Summer is over, at least my summer holidays are, and before returning to the daily grind (as if I had really managed to fully disconnect during my vacation), I want to share with you some reflections about what has impressed me more during the last weeks (beyond family lunches, beach excursions and outdoor cinema to name just a few personal highlights). Notice: this might be my most personal blog ever posted.


Jul 2016 – My good friend Sanja Stankovic, together with Sinna Gritzuhn co-founder and Managing Director of Hamburg-startups ( have honored me as Board of Trustee of the 4th Edition of Startups@reeperbahn.

The Winner Take All Digital World

Jun 2016 – During the last years, we all have become aware that, in the digital world we live in, oft the winner takes it all (call it Google, Amazon, Facebook or Uber) or at least, a very, very significant share of those markets they have helped defining and currently they control. And yes, de facto, is so.


May 2016 – The classic fashion retail business, as we have known for decades, faces increasing pressure.


Apr 2016 – Nearly four months after general elections were held in Spain, my country still is without a government! There is a high chance of having to repeat the elections in June and some journalists are already talking about the next term (whenever it officially begins) as the one defined by “improving work-life balance”.

The art of thinking clearly

Mar 2016 – At the time I wrote one of my very first blog postings, I proclaimed that was not a great fan of self-help, do-it-your-self, counseling books. Nonetheless, some days ago, looking around at an airport bookshop, I came across Rolf Dobelli’s “The Art of Thinking Clearly” (which, by the way has sold more than 1 million copies).

It takes grit

Feb 2016 – Some days ago I wrote about my personal highlights in 2015 which to a large extent were very much driven by the demanding -, event-rich - and intensive work and dedication for AUDEAMUS CAPITAL.

(My) Highlights of 2015

Dec 2015 – It is December 18, 4:45 and one of those very few days when I can’t sleep. Disjointed thoughts and images pile up on my mind and as the year is drawing towards its end, today I am feeling the irresistible temptation to write down my personal, annual highlights. Please officially note: it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:

Giving Back

Nov 2015 – “The enduring credo of Silicon Valley is that innovation, not money, is its guiding purpose and that world-changing technology is its true measure of worth”.


Oct 2015 – The global art market reached, according to the TEFAF Report published earlier this year, a total of just over €51 billion in 2014, an increase of 7% year on year and its highest ever recorded level.


Sep 2015 – After many weeks of being fully immersed in generating an attractive deal flow for AUDEAMUS, preparing various Head of Agreements and formalizing a couple of Due Diligences, I thought I could proudly announce a new deal.

#sin filtros

Jul 2015 – In this very hot summer on Ibiza, my husband and I have welcomed in our vacation home our families (and that implies sisters, in-laws, cousins and nieces) and many friends. And all day long, each day, I have seen how we ALL are literally “glued” to our smart phones,

About determination, ambition and other traits

Jul 2015 – A couple of weeks ago, AUDEAMUS CAPITAL held its second “Women in Business Breakfast”. In one of my opening remarks, I mentioned that “determined”, was probably one of the words which best describes myself.

Area Revisited, Opening Night June 19

Jun 2015 – Nearly three months of hard work, lots of meetings and not few roller-coaster moments converged on June 19, 21:00 in the Opening Night of AREA REVISITED.

Team, team, team

Jun 2015 – Tonight is “AREA REVISITED” Opening night (and party) at Oberhafenquartier, Halle 4. At AREA we have been working for months with only one date in our head: June 19.

1st Women in Business Breakfast

Jun 2015 – Yesterday was a good day, a very good day I would “dare” to say.


May 2015 – I read yesterday that Carlos Torres Villa, whom I share with an incredibly intense and challenging time in McKinsey & CO, during the late nineties in Spain, has been appointed BBVA’s CEO.

Global Female Leaders Summit 2015

May 2015 – What is the first thing everybody will tell you to do when launching your own investment fund? Yes, you got it, NETWORKING.

CBS 15th Alumni Reunion

Apr 2015 – When Columbia Business School’s invitation for our 15th Alumni Reunion on April 17 - 19, arrived earlier this year – I think the save the date was sent as early as November 2014- my husband and myself, both CBS 2000, thought: we have to go! And so we did.

Of Samira Abbassy, impromptu decisions and other things....

Apr 2015 – On a very cold day in February, I received an Email from Mona Hauser, owner - and soul - of XVA Gallery, pioneer in the art scene of Dubai and an old friend of mine, announcing an exhibition entitled An Autobiography & Other Confessions by Iranian born, New York based artist Samira Abbassy.

Why writing a blog?

Apr 2015 – One of the first things I constantly heard while preparing this webpage was: the best thing you can do, in terms of public relations, positioning, increasing awareness etc. is to write a Blog… and my answer was always the same: I am many things, a lawyer and an economist, a professional advisor and a business plan expert, passionate art-collector, mother and wife, but a writer? A blogger?, A trendsetter?