About determination, ambition and other traits

A couple of weeks ago, AUDEAMUS CAPITAL held its second “Women in Business Breakfast”. In one of my opening remarks, I mentioned that “determined”, was probably one of the words which best describes myself.

I firmly believe that determination, understood as willpower, the unstoppable purpose to give –and achieve- the most out of you, to choose your own way and also to follow your instincts is decisive to succeed in live.

Later on, in the same event, when reviewing the criteria I am looking in the companies I tend to invest on, I said that ambition and Talent are a must. Interestingly enough, some days later a good friend of mine sent me a remarkable long Email saying she had been weighing up my words (that, in itself is the best feedback I can dare to think) and, although she shares my opinion, at the end, it all comes to the definition of success, and I have to agree she has a point here!

Somehow similar were the reflections I read on July 12 in a striking interview to Antonio Catalan, founder of NH Hoteles and later on of AC Hotels published in “ Fuera the serie”, the Sunday’s supplement of “El mundo” – Spanish most important independent newspaper –. First of all, he defined himself as a “una mediocridad bien aprovechada”, what more or less translates as "a well used mediocrity", which, coming from someone who has achieved so much, is, at least, in this incredibly hot summer in Spain, of a refreshing humbleness. Among some other thought-provoking reflections he affirmed: “I believe in perseverance, in personal effort and sacrifice”. Too general? Too easy? Too obvious? I do not know, but somehow, somewhere there must be difference between a “reasonably” successful and accomplished life and a “wonderfully” successful and accomplished life.