If there is a word that VC investors love is “EXIT”, especially when the terms are such that we can proudly informed to the rest of the world that “we did it well”.

As I always say to anyone ready to listen; “to invest is relatively easy, the difficult part is to get out of the portfolio Companies with a gain”. In that context, I am extremely happy to inform that AUDEAMUS Capital has partially sold its stake in NICHE BEATUY to DOUGLAS within the framework of Douglas acquisition of a 51% stake in Niche Beauty; transaction was formalized on July 31st 2019.

Now that a couples of weeks have passed since closing (and one from our exceptional dinner in Düsseldorf), I wanted to explicitly thank Andreas Bechtolf, Laetitia von Hessen and Sarah von Doetinchem for the opportunity they gave me three years ago to support NICHE BEAUTY and participate in the Company growth. 

At the end is not about money (or not only about money) but mostly about „creating“ something and being part of such an attractive project has been a remarkable experience in many regards. I personally think that with Douglas on our side, the sky is the limit, and therefore the next years represent a great opportunity for all of us.