(My) Highlights of 2015

It is December 18, 4:45 and one of those very few days when I can’t sleep. Disjointed thoughts and images pile up on my mind and as the year is drawing towards its end, today I am feeling the irresistible temptation to write down my personal, annual highlights. Please officially note: it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:

• Incorporation of AUDEAMUS CAPITAL, Hamburg March 25.

• 15th Columbia MBA reunion in New York on April 17.

• Assistance to the Global Female Leaders 2015, „the economic summit for female executives“ as stated on their documentation, on April 2oth - 22nd in Berlin.

• AUDEAMUS CAPITAL First, Second and Third “Women in Business” Breakfast (June 6, July 2 and November 6).

• To learn that the number of “Unicorns” – private companies with a valuation larger than $1 billion has soared, according to Wall Street Journal’s “The Billion Dollar Startup Club” from 80 at the beginning of the year to over 130 as of November 2015 – can they really so many unicorns exist, or even more interestingly ever succeed?

• Further on, I can’t really judge if $51 Billion -UBER valuation on its last financing round last August- is appropriate, an ultimate exercise of gambling, or a bargain, but that fact that the company has raised more than $7.4 billion over less than 6 years – which implies a daily burn-rate somewhere between $3 and $4 million-, is definitely noteworthy.

• Our 15-year wedding anniversary on July 28th – we also magnificently celebrated the same day my father-in-law’s 75th birthday.

• Co-organization of the opening party of the Exhibition AREA REVISITED, a satellite show of the Hamburg Photo Triennial (June 19).

• Participating, through TER GROUP in the ADD ART Initiative, presenting works from Eduard Zent and Nathalie Hummer.

• Lots of precious moments with the kids, to name just a few: My first son's (11) remarkable development as a hockey player –training 4 times a week you can actually witness how his body in changing, although last week’s History exam score (19,5 out of 20), also made us very proud. My daughter's (5) first day at school – she insisted on celebrating it at HER favorite restaurant ONO (best Japanese in town), and she got it… I am also very impressed with her skills at playing monopoly. My second son (4), who managed to fall from a 40 cm high bed and almost broke his chin and is capable of crying non-stop at home for things we can not understand (for instance his desire to eat at a party “50” scallops) and at the same time manages to be the absolutely beloved best “buddy” in kindergarten.

• My husbands’ generosity (always) and patience (most of the time).

• Our holidays with friends and family in Spain and Austria.

• To have for the first time physical fear when bringing my kids to the school on the Monday morning following the terrible bombings in Paris on November 13.

• Our first olives harvest in Ibiza. We love the idea so much of “producing” something that we asked Maik Hansen (www.maikhansen.de), a very good friend and gifted designer, to conceive a label for us.

• Being elected member of the supervisory board of our catholic parish Saint Elisabeth.

• Looking at over 25 interesting investment opportunities and closing AUDEAMUS CAPITAL first deal on December 15 (more detail information following soon).

Reading back this “non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list”, I better realize what an intense, beautiful year has been and I thank myself to all have shared it with me and made it so special. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and my best wishes for 2016.