(My) Highlights of 2017

Through a mix of retrospective analysis, scanning my digital calendar at monthly level and good memories in a very convulsive year, marked geopolitically, just to name a few: by Donald Trump, the Brexit, rise in populism and –a Spanish citizen- the Catalonia crisis-, please find below my personal annual highlights. As always it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:

• Formalization of Audeamus Capital’s forth and fifth investments and even more importantly, our first exit.

• Assuming an Observer Seat in Rebelle’s Advisory Board.

• Assisting my husband’s family business in the structuring (and implementation) of the biggest deal in the 109 years Company’s history.

• Believing that we would be able to move for a school year to Madrid, to later realized that it was much more difficult than anticipated (specially the school selection for three kids aged 6, 7 and 13, proved to be extremely challenging); maybe another time.

• Following the incredible evolution of the BITCOIN, which started the year with an exchange rate of EUR 925.26 and by the end of 2017 had surpass the EUR 16,500 mark. What a ride!

• Exchanging the (semi-professional) curating of one exhibition within ADD ART in Hamburg, for a series of more banal but equally interesting visit as international collector to ARCO in Madrid, Art Bassel and Gallery Weekend in Berlin.

• Finally, after several years of delays and hundreds of millions of over cost, assisting to my first concerte in the ELBPHILARMONY (architectonically simply beautiful und astonishing).

• Lots of precious moments with the kids, friends and family including the celebration my dear husband’s 50th Birthday.