(My) Highlights of 2018

In a year marked (again) by Mr. Donald Trump, the escalation of the trade war between China and USA, the Brexit, an increasing number of populist governments (from Italy to Brazil), I have dared to outline, like in the last years, my personal annual highlights. As always it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:

• Formalization of a collaboration agreement with MOMENI Digital Ventures to pro-actively invest in PROPTECH.

• Closing of MOMENI’s Digital Ventures investment in WIREDSCORE.

• The BITCOIN, which started the year with an exchange rate well above EUR 16,000, finished hardly about EUR 3,000. Such a development – who to be honest, few had ventured at the beginning of the year- has certainly clouded the expectations on other ICOs. By the way, that reinforces my believe: hands off of the assets class you do not understand (applies also for Blockchain).

• Assuming the role of Chairman of Rebelle’s Advisory Board.

• Assisting the TER GROUP with the launch of its e-commerce subsidiary LANUCO.

• Collectors Award Dinner in Teatro Real de Madrid (amazing set up).

• Lots of precious moments with the kids, friends and family including some incredible birthday parties and a myriad of celebrations ranging from baptism, first holy Communion, Confirmation, Weddings and even Silver Weddings expanding along Germany, Spain, Italy and Denmark.

• Expansion of our “classic” family holidays destinations (mostly Ibiza and Madrid), by incorporating a couple of European hot spots (Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Sylt) and our first exotic trip with the kids (Marrakech).

• After taking care for a week of my sister-in-law’s dog (the beautiful Dorie), even my kids agree that we do not need /want a dog at home.

• OBSTANDO PROMOVES (more in a separate blog entry).