(My) Highlights of 2019

In a year marked (again) by Mr. Donald Trump –impeachment included-, the escalation of the trade war between China and USA (or its de-escalation depending who you want to believe to); global warming, the Brexit – postponed twice and now set for January 31st 2020, and two general elections in Spain (only to confirm the dangerous split in the society- not to mention the ongoing Catalan crisis), I have dared to outline, like in the past my personal annual highlights. As always it is a non-exhaustive and certainly not necessarily in order of importance list. Here we go:
• My appointment as Managing Director of MOMENI Digital Ventures GmbH.

• Closing MOMENI Digital Ventures’ investment in ZENHOMES in August. With some very exciting investment opportunities in the pipeline, I hope it will not take long before we can announce more investments.

• My first “EXPO REAL” in October in Munich as well as the assistance to the MIPIM in Paris in July.

• Partial exit of AUDEAMUS Capital investment in NICHE BEAUTY, through a trade sale to DOUGLAS.

• Resigning from my position as Chairman of REBELLE’s Advisory Board, although I am happy to continue serving the Company as a Board Observer.

• Assisting the TER GROUP with the consolidation of its e-commerce subsidiary LANUCO.

• Lots of precious moments with the kids, friends and family including some incredible birthday parties, baptisms, confirmations, weddings and even Silver Weddings (not to forget the debutant ball of our eldest son) expanding along Germany, Spain, Scotland, Austria and Denmark.

• Sending our eldest son to Boarding School in Canada – I miss him a lot every single day.

• An incredible family holiday in Israel and Jordanian.

Let’s hope that 2020 is at least so kind in personal and professional terms as the recent years have been. Politically and macro-economically speaking might be more of a challenge.