Team, team, team

Tonight is “AREA REVISITED” Opening night (and party) at Oberhafenquartier, Halle 4. At AREA we have been working for months with only one date in our head: June 19.

And although it might be too early to say it, or even can sound pretentious, I am sure it’s going to be a big success. As a team, we have grown up with the challenge: to organize, in an imposing 7,000 square feet, industrial warehouse (with impressive 23 Feet high ceilings but without running water!), a Volker Hinz’s monographic exhibition, a seated dinner for 100 guests followed by a party, with a limited budget.

We were lucky to count not only with invaluable help of the Triennale der Photographie Hamburg, were we are a satellite show, but also with many other professionals and friends, who have helped us to come so far, just to name a few: Anna Fauth- Schüller from Annaswerk, Rainer Depre from Dieck & Depre and Christian Westphal from Ter Group.

In the days I was Head of Business Development and Strategy at Engel & Völkers, we all knew there are three rules to successful real estate investments: “Location, Location, Location”. Similarly, the three rules to successful private equity / venture capital investments are: “TEAM, TEAM, TEAM”.

And I can assure you that at AREA we have turned out to be a real team. Over the months, we three, who are very much different in many things, have learned to act like triangle: 3 points in the space, who become an unit. Nina Venus, is undeniably, the soul behind AREA. She, who has over 20 years of experience as painter and curator, was the project initiator. Cindy T. Hannes, who has behind a fruitful career in music (electric bass, song-writter, singer) was soon attracted by Nina’s enthusiasm and has supported the project from the very beginning. Without Nina’s eagerness and talent as a curator; Cindy’s capacity to mobilize half of Hamburg’s music, dancing and bar scene; as well as AUDEAMUS CAPITAL’s contribution (more on the organizational, institutional side) and the inestimable support of so many friends, we would have never made it so far.

Looking forward to tonight … And yes, I promise to let you know how everything worked out.